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My Top 3 Healthy Mid-life Resources

My top 3 websites (other than The ME in Menopause of course!) for checking in with regularly for information and inspiration are all quite different, but equally amazing and worth a read. I find you need to search beyond the obvious ‘menopause health’ to find sites that deliver content within the health and well-being niche, without specifically targeting women in menopause, while still being very relevant. There are good health practices (body, mind and soul) and general health know-how that is on-point for women of almost any age. All of these websites are inspirational, motivating, knowledgeable and offer additional content in the form of courses, videos, how-to’s, recipes, e-books or newsletters.

Here’s my besties for mid-life!

1. For dealing to your hormones….
Mind Body Green –

I only recently discovered this website but fell in love with it immediately. Now it’s like my Homepage, my newspaper, my to-do list and my inspiration all rolled into one! I want to check in every day. I felt right at home immediately because it covers all the topics I want to read about, from healthy recipes, to keeping fit, to spiritual matters.
If The ME in Menopause was not just my little piece of the chronic fatigue syndrome/menopause/mid-life pie…. if it were bigger say, then Mind Body Green is how I would envisage it.

There’s such variety here, and variety of contributors too. The post topics are enticing and everything is really well laid out. Scrolling through you will undoubtedly find many topics that you want to click on – and you should. It’s all great content.

From a menopause and mid-life well-being perspective though, I would send you straight to the MBG courses. If you are feeling below par, if you are struggling to cope with menopause symptoms, weight gain, stomach troubles, sleep issues, mood swings, or you simply feel like something is not right, you feel lacklustre …. then there is a course here that you simply must take the time to watch/listen to. Dr Sara Gottfried has a series of videos that address how to balance your hormones (for glowing skin, deeper sleep and better digestion). Have a look at the course overview to see if it’s for you. It’s basically a plan for natural hormone balancing, based on what you eat, how you move and think, and how you supplement your diet. The introductory sessions cover the importance of hormones, why you need to understand your hormones, the 5 causes of hormonal imbalances, as well as a questionnaire to gauge your own level of imbalance.

Next is a module on balancing hormones to achieve clear skin, reduce wrinkles and alleviate skin diseases. Followed by a module for unlocking your hormones for deep, restorative sleep (I’ve begun doing the 5 minute feet-up-the-wall yoga pose before bed, finding it time well spent with regards to unwinding mentally and physically…. It’s something that I used to do many years ago, so it’s been a timely reminder!). The final module talks about unlocking your hormones for less bloating and optimal digestion, again a topic that I was keen to learn as much as possible about, having been going through a bunch of stomach issues recently.

The course will cost you around $99.00, unless you can get in on a half-price sale; either way I’d say it is money well spent. Hormones control so much of what’s going on at mid-life and addressing them naturally and holistically could save you a small fortune in other products, treatments, doctors and, as often as not, what amounts to wild goose chases that cost you money and/or upset the balance even further. Check out the ‘sneak peek’ video that allows you to look before you buy.

This is definitely a step towards leading a happy, healthier life, as are so many of the courses and posts on Mind Body Green. Knowledge is everything during a time of change – knowledge you can practically and purposefully use to make your journey easier and more enjoyable….

Here is the course:


2. For gut health and nutritional inspiration….
The Whole Daily –

Not specifically about mid-life women, The Whole Daily is for all women. Their mission is ‘that all women will live a life that fulfils them, giving those around them the inspiration to do the same’. If you haven’t been living fulfilled, then it’s not too late at our age to figure it out. If you have felt fulfilled but are feeling a bit apprehensive about what the changes in your life now might bring, then you too will benefit from the topics here.

There are posts on coping with change and challenges, on transforming your life, on self-love, on the happiness myth, on being free and on releasing expectations. There is a mindful and spiritual undertone to the blog… you will find plenty of yoga inspiration, self-improvement motivation and posts that will inspire you to be the best, most authentic you – free from jealousy and comparisonitis!

Alice is very passionate about empowering women through health and well-being, and writes in a personal, believable and endearing way. She lets you in on her journey, and I enjoy the heck out of anyone who can turn some not so great stuff around, first by being honest and upfront about it, and then by sharing and caring for others facing the same obstacles (I also like to think that The ME in Menopause exhibits the same behaviours for women suffering through chronic fatigue syndrome, early on-set menopause, plain old menopause or any other mid-life challenges). Alice’s 4 week eCourse – Life Transformation Project – on living, eating, healing and self-loving better will teach and inspire you to go for your dreams and not accept second best. It’s about learning to let go and live. Not ‘someday’ but now!

Just because we’ve made it to mid-life doesn’t mean we’ve got it all sorted; it certainly doesn’t mean we’ve got a great relationship with ourselves. In fact, some might say that the severity of menopause symptoms correlates directly to just how un-sorted we still are (who knows, there might be some truth to it). Fixing our relationship with ourselves can also fix our relationships with others. And it can undoubtedly aid our overall health and well-being. I like that this site celebrates YOU (much as how we celebrate ME at The ME in Menopause!), the uniquely individual and worthy you…. who should not settle for a life less lived.

All of that good stuff aside, what I came to The Whole Daily for was a free gut health e-book and great recipes! ‘Love Your Guts’ (information and recipes to renew your health & repair your digestive system) is a great resource for those of us suffering with tummy troubles. I had read a bit about making changes in this area, incorporating fermented foods such as sauerkraut into my diet, but this book cemented that and more for me as something that is an absolute must. I’m now also armed with the how-to in the form of simple recipes.

There is so much talk about quality health starting in the stomach; get that right and all else will follow. If leaky gut is what’s been ailing me, then I’m on it! If you’re feeling like it might be an underlying issue preventing you from feeling amazing, then I strongly suggest you get online and grab the free e-book. While you’re there, download Alice’s other free e-book Sweet & Nourishing for some wonderful healthy sweet treat recipes.

Check out the other wholesome recipes at:


3. For everything related to health, aging, disease…. & the latest, ‘real’ findings!
Dr Mercola –

This is such an essential reference for those of us nearing or in our 50s. There is so much relevant content, and it’s the kind of content that cuts through the rubbish and media or industry sensationalism. Dr Mercola, who’s been providing guidance on taking control of your health since 1997, doesn’t like scams nor those companies that are trying to scare us into buying products that we don’t need. While exposing the hype is certainly a part of what he does, and no corporate, government or media giant is safe if they are pedalling nonsense for profit and not for true health benefits…. his real motivation is to make you as healthy as you can possibly be. The Mercola website provides up-to-date natural health information and resources that will help to get you there.

With over 1 million subscribers (including medical professionals), is the number 1 ranked natural health website. It’s vast, with over 300,000 pages of health and well-being content! You’ll need to use the search function if you are looking for something specific…. otherwise browsing the current health news will undoubtedly lead you off in other directions as you spot topics that you are interested in. It’s all here – from mental health to sleep issues, from pollution and toxins to the benefits of coconut oil, from diet advice and recipes to the latest stem cell research, from fitness to essential oils, from diabetes prevention to making compost.

There’s a sense of ‘calm’ that comes with signing up; knowing that you will be alerted to the most important health news every week. Mercola sifts through all the research and findings, delivering only what’s relevant, important and founded. With so many supposed “health” foods, supplements, gadgets and books out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed about what you should be doing to best serve your health, and for aging free from disease.

Where to start? Hover over the ‘Health Articles’ link in the list across the top of the page, then under ‘Categories’ to the right select ‘See All Categories’. This will bring up a list of topics in a very user friendly format, so you can browse whatever it is you want to focus on, whether that’s aging, arthritis, digestive health, fatigue, fitness, heart health, hormones, sexual health, sleep, weight management or one of the other topics listed in this section. Selecting your topic will bring up all the relevant articles, in most cases multiple pages of articles.

Another option is to hover over the ‘Health Guides’ link in the list across the top of the page, then select ‘Common Health Questions’. This will give you a series of articles all concerned with ‘What happens to your body when….’. For example, ‘What happens to your body when you eat too much sugar’ or ‘What happens to your body when you sit all day’.

If you want to begin to turn your health around by changing your eating patterns, or you want recipe inspiration, then take a look under ‘Health Guides’ and ‘Recipes’. There are so many great recipes here, including categories like gluten free, dairy free, high protein, raw, baked, crock pot or slow cooker. Dr Mercola not only believes in the healing power of nutrition, he’s seen it firsthand through personal experience and the many years of practising as a doctor.

There is such a wealth of information on this site, I honestly believe that visiting it often is going to arm you with essential knowledge for mid-life and beyond. You only need to watch a video or two to see how passionate and authentic Dr Mercola is, whether he’s delivering the topic or interviewing other experts in the field. Sign up to receive the latest news via email for sure…. but also make the time to search the topics that are relevant for you if you are suffering from a specific illness or health issue, or are just concerned about doing the right things for your body as you grow older. You will always come away with practical steps to take that will assist you. And arming yourself with knowledge and understanding, as well as feeling like you can take positive steps to reduce, resolve or change something that’s impacting negatively on your life, is going to make you feel so much better immediately.

Check out the wonderfully nutritious and healing bone broth recipe here:



Are you ready to do some serious butt kicking, get inspired to make change and go for the best version of you in mid-life?
Then along with the resources above, check out the following posts by The ME in Menopause:

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