By Lynda Wallas

The Keys to Great Health

These days, with so much information at our finger tips, it can get to the point of overload and where you actually feel anxious about which information you should be incorporating into your life. At our age (and earlier if you are smart) there are a small handful of absolute must-dos for putting yourself in a position to benefit from good health for as long as possible.

1. Ensure your body is functioning with regards to regular bowel movements
Actually it’s very simple – anything that is ‘stuck’ and stagnates in the body equals potential for disease.

HOW to stay regular….
Eat clean, organic, fresh, non-toxic as much as possible
» Omit the foods that you’ve found can cause you gut issues (irritation, bloating, pain or feeling ‘blocked’). These can come on as allergies as you get older (for me it’s dairy, sugar, wheat and some vegetables such as eggplant and peppers).
» Eat the foods and/or take the supplements that ‘do it’ for you, which may include dates, prunes, nuts and seeds, kiwifruit, licorice, curry and spices, Spirulina, cabbage, pickles and fermented foods.
» Drink herb teas that aid digestion and gut processes, such as Nettle, Chamomile, Fennel, Hibiscus and Licorice.
» Take a dose of Probiotics a handful of times a year.
» Eat a variety of vegetables for good fibre; more greens and less potato/pumpkin. Go the broccoli!
» Omit sugar altogether if you can; it can cause bacteria to run out of control, which in turn can ferment food too early in your gut.
» Watch alcohol intake; it does the same as sugar. In moderation, it might also be a ‘do it’ contributor for you, due to its relaxation properties 🙂
» Reduce stress as much as possible. It disturbs digestion for certain, as well as many other bodily functions and balances.
» Give your digestion a break (and your body a chance to perform other important maintenance functions) with intermittent fasting. Great for boosting the metabolism and losing a few extra pounds.

**HOT TIP!   Diatomaceous Earth – not only is this an internal cleanser but it also reduces inflammation, reduces menopause symptoms and is anti-aging**

2. Reduce inflammation in the body
Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response but, if out of control, it causes major issues; obesity, heart disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, fatigue and over active immune system (think CFS!). Foods high in sugar and saturated fat increase inflammation.

HOW to reduce inflammation….
» Curb inflammation with these foods; beetroot, tomatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil, oily fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel), berries and cherries, nuts, whole grains, dark leafy vegetables, peppers.

**HOT TIP!  Ginger and Turmeric – add to casseroles, curries and smoothies. Take Turmeric in tablet form (called Curcumin)**

3. Find whatever you are passionate about and DO IT!
A life without passion is no life at all. The benefits to body and mind are ridiculous!

HOW to get passionate….
Spend the time to figure out what you are passionate about if you don’t already know. Making a mood board and doing the ‘life’s purpose‘ exercise is a perfect place to start.
» If you already know what your passion is, then make more time for it. If it’s not your job, then can it be? Can you start to work towards it? Or consider a 4 day working week, with a day dedicated to your passion. Or simply get out there and get into it in your weekends.

**HOT TIP!  Do we not live in our dreams? (Tennyson). Arrrh yes, we do…. so dream it into reality!  Perhaps read an inspirational book, such as Lynn Grabhorn’s Excuse me, your life is waiting or Louise Hay’s You can heal your life… and check out Alberto Villoldo’s Courageous dreaming**

4. Include relaxing, meditative, spiritual pursuits and techniques into your weekly routine
Find what works for you, what gives you that inner buzz (where you’re feeling so full of hope and love that you are soaring like a bird).

HOW to relax and tap into the spiritual you….
» Learn and practise meditation – start with a guided meditation CD.
» Find/make a peaceful space in your home – I have a beautiful Buddha on a small wooden table that serves as a place of worship of sorts (place it facing out a window with a view of a garden if you can, or outside in summer in your favourite shady spot), or just go to a place where you are not disturbed and where you feel comforted and relaxed.
» Incorporate the things into your life that give you a sense of wellbeing. Treat yourself with respect. Think about your thoughts, your words and your deeds.
» Get out in nature – keep it real and simple!

**HOT TIP!  Don’t wait for your life to be perfect (in your mind), don’t save things for a special occasion – being alive is special today! Light the candles, play the music, dance, smile your brightest smile, wear your best lingerie, take a bath, take time out, pamper, eat your favourite foods, sip the glass of red wine**    

Lynda Wallas
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I’ve always been interested in health and fitness…. which turned out to be a good thing when fertility treatment in my 30s took a toll on my health, leading to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and early onset menopause. More about Lynda...

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