By Lynda Wallas

The Benefits of Facial Reflexology

I had my first ever session of facial reflexology today and I really enjoyed the calming yet invigorating sensation of it. It’s pampering but less frivolous, more holistic health. Hands and fingers are used to stimulate the facial muscles and nerve endings, opening up the energy channels throughout the body. As with the more widely known foot reflexology, zones (or acupuncture points) of the face relate to specific vital organs in the body. A firm touch is applied to each of the points, working to ‘balance’ any areas that need to be unblocked.

Pressure applied to the specific points on the face and head send a message to the Central Nervous System to direct energy to the organs and glands to regulate blood, hormones and the immune system.

General benefits include;
– instant relief of facial, neck, scalp and brain tension
– firms facial muscles and reduces/prevents fine lines and wrinkles
– decongests specific reflex points on the face that relate to parts of the body and head
– increased blood circulation, activating lymphatic drainage
– relaxing, calming and soothing for the whole body and mind

Some of the health issues that have benefited;
– allergies and sinusitis
– anxiety and stress
– depression
– digestive problems
– insomnia
– stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, facial paralysis and brain related dysfunction or injury
– infertility
– menopause and hormonal issues
– skin issues

My sinus was particularly bad today (because I had a small serve of ice cream last night!) and in fact when pressure was applied around my nose I felt like I couldn’t breathe for a moment, purely because the nasal passages are blocked to a large degree ordinarily, which felt exacerbated by pressure being applied near the nose…. But afterwards I have felt like I am breathing a whole lot better, feeling way less blocked.

There are certainly benefits for women in menopause, since the balancing of hormones is one of the key functions of reflexology. Its ability to encourage the natural healing processes to help maintain the health and balance of the whole body is something that is very apt for menopause and times of change. The combination of ancient medical traditions and modern neuro-anatomy improves underlying imbalances, which often manifest in our bodies in the form of physical, mental and/or emotional issues… all of which can make menopause a more challenging time.

Add to that the fact that it’s a workout for the face – for a younger, healthier glow naturally…. no needles or toxic substances required! It may well be worth taking a series of sessions to determine if reflexology brings improvements to your mid-life quality of life.

Many thanks to Lidia Lipic from Williamstown Reflexology for 70 minutes very well spent 🙂

If you want to learn the principles for performing facial reflexology on yourself or someone else, check out this site with instructions and a reflexology face map to guide you on the points and the vital organ they correspond to:

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