By Lynda Wallas

Psssst….want flawless make-up?

I discovered a wonderful make-up sponge recently that gives an incredible, professional finish to your foundation.
It’s quite the little genius really, such a simple tweak on the old applicator sponges but with amazing results. I’m probably 10 years behind the times, having only just discovered it, but hey…. it might be news to you too.
It’s the Beauty Blender Pro Sponge.
There’s black (the ‘pro’), pink and nude. The shape is a tear drop, but quite full and round. The idea is that the curves of the sponge fit your face, giving an overall coverage without streaking or brush strokes. It has a soft, suede like texture, is non-latex (so no fear of an allergic reaction), and is made to hold water. Rinse it under cold water, squeezing it so that it fills up. It will end up bigger than it was dry. Then towel dry and you’re ready to go.

Being full of water means that the make-up sits on the outside of the Beauty Blender sponge, which ensures make-up is not wasted by sinking into the sponge. The trick is to bounce (or bounce and twist) the sponge onto your face (don’t drag it) and the result is a really lovely finish. I think it’s totally perfect for older skin, it doesn’t build up make-up in the lines and creases…. instead it creates a light but full coverage that looks flawless.

Rinse clean after each use and leave out in the open to air dry. I purchased the solid cleanser, which works well and is probably the best way to keep the sponge clean and hygienic (there’s also a liquid cleanser…. make sure you do use one of the Beauty Blender cleaners though, as anything else could destroy the special composition and texture of the sponge).

And…. the sponge is not just for foundation; you can also use it for applying your moisturiser, primer, blush, powder… and for blending and contouring. The black Pro Sponge can also be used for applying fake tan, again eliminating streaks and giving a natural coverage.

This is a great product. Not a gimmick. It does what it says it does. It will transform your old routine and make you wish you had known about it earlier!

You can purchase the Beauty Blender Pro Sponge at:
Beauty Bay



Check out other Beauty Blender products too, like the Blotterazzi sponge that is awesome for blotting away excess oil throughout the day and on into the evening.
The Liner Designer Pro is also incredible…. a flexible, warm in your hand flat tear drop shape with straight lines and curves that provide a guide for eye make-up (eye shadow, liner and mascara). Watch the video (link below) to see how it’s done. Warming it in your hands will stick it to your face, allowing you to get the eye shadow right where it should be, then blend it using a smaller Pro Sponge.


Check out this You Tube video by Kandee Johnson (make-up artist) for more information on using and caring for the Beauty Blender Pro Sponge product:

Check out Kandee’s contouring video too, which address contouring for different face shapes, and explains why you would darken vs highlight…. blending of course with a Beauty Blender sponge.

Here’s another article of interest, this one from Jen Reviews, about ways to clean your Beauty Blender sponge….


Enjoy ladies!
It’s fun to experiment, and always fun to find a great product that makes it all so much easier, makes it look like you’ve spent hours (or makes it look like you know what you’re doing more than you do in my case!) and…. plus, plus, plus…. provides great results (reduced years!) for our mid-life faces.

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