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Personal Air Cooler that’s perfect for hot flushes

If you are anything like me, hot flushes are an annoying inconvenience. There’s nothing worse than feeling sticky even when the weather doesn’t warrant it. Or being at the mercy of random, uncontrollable flushes (or flashes). Whatever you call them, they are downright upsetting. You just want to be able to reach for your very own cool down / air cooler solution real quick!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone had designed a small space air cooler that was portable, discreet, cheap to run, and quickly cooled down your personal zone.

Well the good news is that a company called Evapolar have done just that!

More than just good looks – this air cooler has substance!
The first thing I noticed about the Evapolar personal air cooler was how it looked; a sleek little cube in cool colours that looked like a modern design piece. I thought it would look great on my work-from-home desk (and it does). But there’s more to this little beauty than eye appeal. The concept makes good sense too…. rather than reducing the temperature in the entire room, and thereby impacting everyone in the space, it discreetly cools down your immediate vicinity, making it the perfect answer for shared work environments, or family spaces.

Product facts
The cooling area is 4sq meters, running up to 4 hours on a single water supply, and reducing the temperature anywhere from 4 to 15 degrees (depending on humidity levels).

Portable and universal, it works on USB power supply; simply plug into a laptop, a power bank, or a wall outlet (or even a portable battery pack if you are camping out!)

As well as cooling, it also humidifies and purifies for a better environment; saturating the air with water and filtering out dust particles to increase air quality.  The evaporative pads are made of inorganic (biodegradable) material that prevents the spread of bacteria.

There are two convenient sizes available – the evaLIGHT EV1000 is compact and consumes only 10W of energy, while the larger evaSMART EV3000 consumes 12W of energy.

Imagine the possibilities!
Not just for the home office, imagine one of these in the bathroom to keep your cool while applying make-up. Or in the kitchen while you are cooking…. anywhere really where you are spending time and want to combat hot flushes, summer temperatures, or both. Hot air in, cool air out; the Evapolar personal air coolers have been likened to a fresh, cool sea breeze!

And, as if that weren’t enough, the fun part…. built-in LED lighting with colour playlists you can choose to match the unit to your mood or interior. Now that’s really cool!

Additionally, the units are Wi-Fi capable, allowing you to control temperature, fan speed etc from your mobile phone (for when menopause has you pinned to the couch!)

Order yours here, with a special discount
I’ve managed to arrange a 15% discount for ladies ordering a personal air cooler unit via the link below. This is for one month only.
Simply enter the promo-code MEINMENOPAUSE15 at checkout.

Check out how Evapolar units work from the website at the link above, as well as what you will receive with your order (including a power adaptor suited to your country/location, and your first filter cartridge that will last 3- 6 months). Note that there are 3 colour choices available for the units; white, black and blue…. so you can colour coordinate with your spaces…. and remember the 2 sizes also (find them both under Products).

Feedback from those who already have an Evapolar air cooler
One final thing before you hit the Buy Now button and tap in your 15% discount from The Me in Menopause; check out this video of reviews for feedback from those who have already purchased Evapolar personal air coolers

Enjoy! And please spread the word to your friends who also deserve their very own cool breeze on a ‘hot’ day 😊

I know you will be thrilled with your personal air cooler….. it’s not just a fan, swirling the air around, it’s a small space air conditioning/cooling unit that takes in hot air and releases cool air (like the bigger wall mounted units do) but just adjusting the temperature within your personal zone…. you don’t have to share it if you don’t want to!

To answer all of your price questions –

The small unit (evaLIGHT) is normally $180 USD but with the discount is down to approximately $153 USD for The Me in Menopause followers. Postage to Australia comes out at around $22 USD. The larger unit (evaSMART) is generally priced at $256 USD but available here for approximately $217 USD plus postage. So it’s a great chance to take advantage of the discounts this month.

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