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Oxfords: Chic & Comfy Shoes

With your clothing choices heading in the ‘classic’ direction and your hair and makeup doing much the same, shoes are an accessory that you can have some fun with. Watch the trends for the styles that will add a little pop and character to your overall attire. Like a necklace or a scarf, they can pull a look together, take it up a notch or two, as well as transform and individualise a classic look into your very own unique style.

At 50+ it is still completely appropriate to think about being chic and current. Obviously the trends for the very young are not going to look good (too try hard…. and probably too hard to walk in!). However, shoes on-trend without being clunky, chunky or eye-catchingly gordy are perfect to add personality to our well-fitting pants, dark denim or knee length skirts and dresses.

Confession: I have a real thing for oxfords (and potentially a need for therapy)… the flat ones and the ones with a small heel. They are somehow both masculine and feminine at the same time, they come in great colours, can be dressed up or down, provide the right amount of coverage for older feet, and there are styles and shades for both summer and winter.

A soft blue or pink or nude oxford looks fantastic with a pair of jeans, especially the suede variety. A classic black or brown pair (or even gangster two tone) looks smart with trousers. For the in between seasons of Spring and Autumn I often wear a casual dress with oxfords. They work really well and provide ideal coverage for when it’s not warm enough for sandals but too warm for winter boots. I also wear a black patent oxford with a tartan skirt and black tights in winter, as a nod to my Scottish heritage lol. I think winter lends well to the shiny version of the oxford, or one with a chunkier heel.

They are just so versatile and if it’s all about being comfy while at the same time bringing personality to your style, then these little guys certainly do that. They are also highly appropriate; if in doubt about what to wear for a day that involves multi-tasking – perhaps a café, a walk, a visit to friends or family, a quick stop off at the market – then you will look great all day in a pair of chic oxfords.

There are plenty available at good online stores; try Nordstrom or Macys in the USA, or David Jones, Myer or The Iconic in Australia. As with everything, you get what you pay for, so stay away from the cheaper versions available on some fashion websites.

The options are endless…. check out some styles on The Me in Menopause Pinterest site at

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