By Lynda Wallas

Metabolic Aftershock – first 5 weeks

Who knows what I was googling and browsing when I discovered a link to something called Metabolic Aftershock. I’ve purchased one or two exercise programs online before but must admit I’ve never stuck to them or been inclined to keep up the exercise instead of, or over and above, the things I have done for many years that I felt were kind of tried and tested.

But because I had put on some weight over 2-3 years during menopause, I was thinking about doing something a little different to try and combat it. I had tried low carbs, low sugar and I had ditched dairy due to an intolerance but the weight wasn’t budging. It seemed to me that the ‘same old same old’ wasn’t going to cut it and that my body needed a wake-up call of some sort to get rid of this middle age spread that had changed the shape of my butt, hips and thighs (just half a size… but annoying none-the-less).

Listening to the sales pitch for the Metabolic Aftershock Program it certainly seemed to be designed specifically as a wake-up call to the body, not just the exercise routines but in combination with food choices that would keep the fat burning going. What Dr Jade Teta was saying seemed to make a lot of sense – scientific/bio-chemistry and medical sense. It wasn’t expensive and there was a lot of good support material and extras that came with it.

So basically this is how the exercises work –

There are 3 phases, each phase has 3 exercise routines (videos) that you do for 3 weeks – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Then you move up to the next phase and do those routines for 3 weeks. The best part is that each routine is only 15 minutes. It’s designed to kick start your metabolism and fat burning, then it turns up the heat as you progress through the phases. This is rest based training – ‘work as hard as you can, then rest so you can work hard again’. It’s not about the speed of doing the exercises, it’s about keeping your form, squeezing the muscles, getting out of breathe and feeling the burn, then taking a rest and getting back into it (rest instead of bad form).

There are a lot of squats and push ups and you go from a floor exercise to a standing exercise to really get the heart rate going. There are three trainers doing the routines together, allowing you to follow along with the learner, middle or advanced version.

This is 9 weeks of recharging and reprogramming your metabolism. You don’t pace yourself, you need to go hard and then rest… because getting out of breathe, getting hot and heavy muscles and feeling the burn is what you are after for results here.

What’s different about this program –

Rest-based training where you rest when you need to, means you don’t get frustrated when you can’t keep up. It’s designed for the individual because you get to choose when you rest, and also whether you do an extra 5 minutes of fat burning at the end of each routine.

There’s no weights, no equipment at all – just your body, making it really easy to do anywhere, anytime.

It’s formulated with hormone reactions in mind, helping to stimulate the metabolism and maximise fat burning. It goes beyond the old ‘exercise this long to lose this many calories’ and disputes the ‘eat less, exercise more’ concept.

Short, high-intensity workouts with rest intervals are efficient and mean you can exercise less and see great results (and you are not doing too much and having a negative effect on tissue and bone, and hence on metabolism).

It also focuses on burning fat at rest, hours after your exercised… could it be any easier?!

The combination of the exercises and the food/smoothies is perfect for women who have extra lower body fat.

Oh and…. it’s also good for libido.

If you are in the least bit interested, read about how the program works online and check out some of the reviews. The facts are all there. Even if you don’t understand all that Jade’s describing with regards to the inner workings of the mitochondria, Human Growth Hormone, adrenaline and testosterone (the ‘hormonal soup’), you will get the gist of the research that lies behind the program.

How have I found it so far –

I’ve found that I’m looking forward to doing it, rather than making excuses as to why I don’t need to do it today. I think that’s because it’s only 15 minutes three days a week (and even if I’ve walked the dog that day or done some other exercise on the in between days, I feel like I can still fit this routine in, physically and time-wise), as well as the fact that I saw a difference almost immediately, which is very motivating. I think too that I don’t mind listening to Jade talk me through the routine, you know, sometimes these guys can be a tad hard to listen to! But he’s passionate without being over the top, authentic and clearly knowledgeable in the area of the way the body works with regards to fat burning. It makes me smile to hear him shout out his catch phrases of ‘push until you can’t, rest until you can’ and ‘I love it when you rest!’

I took my measurements in the first week (I’m up to Phase 2 now, my 5th week on the program) but to be honest I haven’t taken them again as yet. I will, but for me this isn’t the way I keep track on a week by week basis. I like to just feel the difference in my clothes and start to see the difference in the mirror. With this program I think it is the fastest I have ever felt/seen a difference – by my 4th routine (so Monday the second week). My clothes were loser and I felt tighter muscles in my legs and butt. Now, at week 5, I feel like I am probably 60% back to the lower body shape I had pre the menopause weight gain.

The biggest thing for me is that in the last 8 years, in my come back from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I’ve been very afraid of doing cardio, in fact I’ve avoided anything more than a brisk walk with regards to getting my heart rate up. When I was trying to start moderate exercise again, there was a long period of time where I would try something then go backwards with my fatigue, sometimes to the point of not being able to try again for two months. It was incredibly frustrating and frightening, the result being that I’ve shied away from anything more than yoga moves and a small amount of weights.

I have been pleasantly surprised with the Metabolic Aftershock though. I think the efficiency of the 15 minute routines has given me a chance to be able to actually complete a workout every second day. In week 3, I was working a lot of extra hours at work and feeling exhausted, so I skipped a routine during the week and did it in the weekend instead (the beauty of the routines being Monday, Wednesday and Friday means you can spread them out over the weekend if and when you need to). In phase 2, I think I am now focusing on my form much more, getting the squeezing and the rep-chain moves right. Now that I know I can do this without sliding into too much post-exercise fatigue, I’m getting more comfortable and enjoying it even more.

However, if you are still in the midst of CFS, then this wouldn’t be the sort of exercise you should be introducing to slowly build up. There’s just no way you should do this, so leave well alone until you have recovered. But for all the mid-life ladies who are fed up with the extra weight that just won’t budge, then this is worth the cost, time and effort. Even if you just want to focus on toning up a bit before summer rolls around again, then you will achieve that with this program.

Of course the exercises are best complimented with good eating. If you’re not sure what to eat to aid fat burning then purchase Jade’s recipes to make it easy for you, including an e-book of great smoothies.

Check out my fat burning foods and recipes too, I’ll be adding recipes all the time so come back and check it out often. I have stuck with my own eating so far on the program but added a metabolism boosting drink to my mornings. You can read what that is at Good Morning Metabolism.

I was feeling seriously frustrated with my mid-life body before I came across Metabolic Aftershock, and while I’ve started slowly to ensure I can do this without any additional fatigue setting in, I’ve seen a difference already. It’s also become a part of my weekly routine without the angst and inner fight that can take place with trying to stick to a new regime (especially in the middle of winter when my body is usually more concerned with sitting on the couch with a bowl full of something warm and satisfying!)

I’ll let you know how the next 4 weeks go 🙂

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  • Nichole Caten

    Hello Lynda, do you have an update on this program? please 🙂

    • The ME in Menopause

      Hi Nichole, while I did find the program and the exercises really good, I also found that unfortunately for me the level of intensity caused my Chronic Fatigue to kick in after about a month of doing the program. This would of course not be the case for someone without CFS symptoms impacting what they do. I do really think that this set of exercises works with regards to toning, shaping and weight loss (if combined with healthy eating too). It’s totally worth a go and see how you are feeling and looking after a few weeks…. in fact from what I saw, it does not take long to see a difference.
      I’m now doing a number of these exercises within my own routine… just means I can do it at my pace, rather than keeping up with the video, and not over exert on the days when I’m feeling tired. Certainly has helped with tone, especially through the core and thighs.