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Making the move to Toxin-free Cosmetics

If like me you have wondered about the level of toxins in your life and the potential impact this might be having on your health status, then you have probably thought about the cosmetics you put on your face every day…. just what do they contain, how much seeps into the blood stream and how does it manifest in the body?
Even if you are in great health, it might be a mid-life change you are thinking about making. The idea of simplifying and paring back, of going more natural as a way of aging gracefully is an enticing idea, and if it also ensures continued good health then it’s a very sensible one too.

I have never been sure where to start with making the switch to non-toxic skin care and make-up. Simply throwing out everything and starting from scratch seems daunting and expensive! It’s an extreme change isn’t it…. we get used to what we put on our face, the mask we apply each day (to the point of being able to do it in our sleep almost!). It’s scary to think about changing all of that, especially at a time when we are seeing the signs of aging and coming to terms with a ‘new face’ in the mirror anyhow. I had used the same Shiseido foundation since I was 18 years old, then a couple of years ago they stopped making it. I hunted high and low for old stock, no joy. I asked the girl at the Shiseido counter at a department store but she simply wanted to sell me something (anything!) that was on display. I didn’t want to buy something new then find it was wrong, and spend the next 6 months making expensive purchases but never feeling right about how it felt/looked. So next I wrote to Shiseido to seek advice about what products were the same or similar to my old foundation…. and was very disappointed that, after 30 years of buying one of their products, they never replied.

I got through that wee crisis eventually! But it just shows how daunting it can be to change our tried and tested (and trusted!) brands – how they are applied, the coverage they give, the way they look on us, and our own comfort factor.

Recently I came across a website called Nourished Life. I saw the words ‘toxin-free’ and ‘don’t be overwhelmed’. I discovered that their mission is to do all the hard work for you by sourcing the very best natural skin care, health and beauty products from the biggest brands in Australia and the world. So I could shop in one place knowing that everything was natural – natural make-up, skin care, deodorants, hair care and more!
Then I read Irene’s story and it connected with me…. she was feeling exhausted all the time and looking for answers. One day she wondered about the cream she was rubbing on her tired legs, what was really in it? This sparked her to delve into exactly what was lurking within her make-up bag, leading to a rather shocking find –

….”that 75% of my lipstick collection contained lead. That Parabens, the preservatives listed in every bottle of my face and body moisturisers, could disrupt hormones and potentially cause thyroid issues.”

Wow, at a time when hormone disruption seems to be the norm, do you really want to be adding to it through the application of your face and body products? Menopause seems to be a rollercoaster balancing act in which your body is trying to find some hormone equilibrium again, and it can be a pretty tough ride in search of that balance. It seems crazy to be consciously contributing to that (especially if you have, or have had, other health issues on top of menopause).
I wanted to know where to start. So I asked Irene…. here’s what she said.


Lynda:   If I asked you to convince me in a sentence or two to change to natural, toxin-free beauty products, what would you tell me?

Irene:  That women today are applying over 500 chemicals to their bodies every day! That parabens, used as preservatives in moisturisers, can disrupt hormones and potentially cause thyroid issues. And that 60% of topical skin products absorb right into your bloodstream through the skin.


Lynda:  What did you notice happened quickly for you when you made the swap?

Irene:  After just a couple weeks I started to look and feel better than I had in a long time. I noticed I had more energy and my skin problems seemed to have disappeared. All this was after going cold turkey on my mainstream makeup, skincare and body products.


Lynda:  And what has happened longer term?

Irene:  I have so much more energy; I can run my business, be a full time mum and I’m not struggling to wake up in the mornings.


Lynda:  Are there now alternatives available for all make-up essentials i.e. you can do a total swap?

Irene:  Yes, there is no reason not to go completely toxin-free! We have everything from primer and foundation, to nail polish, to toothpaste.


Lynda:  How do the prices compare to mainstream products?

Irene:  There are so many amazing brands on the market now – meaning there is competition – so you can find beautiful, competitively priced products no matter what your budget is!


Lynda:  Are there products appropriate for, or that specifically target, mature skin? What would you recommend?

Irene:  For mature skin, I would definitely recommend the 100% Pure Super Fruits range, or anything from Dr Alkaitis skin care range. You can also search on our website using the filter ‘anti-ageing’ to find all products that are specifically targeted to maturing skin.


Lynda:  Are there natural, organic and non-toxic foundations with good coverage? (I think a lot of older women like something with a bit more coverage than a BB cream for example, not heavy but not sheer either…)

Irene:  Absolutely. For full coverage I love the 100% Pure Healthy Foundation, Vapour and Dr Hauschka foundations. We sell samples of all our foundations because we know how hard it is to purchase online. This allows you to try a range of colours and consistencies before deciding which of them is for you.


Lynda:  For a women starting out, what approach would you suggest…. which products should she look to purchase first, to make the transition less scary and to spread the cost?

Irene:  Definitely start with the stuff that goes directly into your bloodstream, such as mascara and lipstick.


Thanks Irene. That really does give me a place to start, and a reason to!
I hope it arms a good many of you with the knowledge required to get started on a toxin-free, natural beauty (non-hormone disrupting) regime. Please let me know how you get on.

My next step… I’m off to get some samples to try. Then I’m going to take my new products to a make-up artist friend of mine to see how well they work. I’ll post the outcomes of this for you too J

Check out the wonderful products available at Nourished Life here:

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