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I’ve always been interested in health and fitness…. which turned out to be a good thing when fertility treatment in my 30s took a toll on my health, leading to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and early onset menopause.

Ever since my health became compromised (at its worst, the CFS meant that I didn’t have the energy to lift my arms above my head to wash my hair in the shower and slept all but 3 hours a day) I have been focused on finding the right balance. This 10 year journey has been trial and error. Having got through the worst of the CFS and returned to work 4 days a week, I found that the healthy regimes I had adopted were now being challenged by menopause.

When I was sick, I think the hardest thing I had to learn was to let go, to abandon the instinct to control and fight what was happening to me. Once I was able to just let it be, I believe I was on the path to recovery and to something new. I decided that this was how I was going to view menopause also – an opportunity to let go and find a new way, an improved me. That’s why my blog doesn’t just focus on the food, supplement, exercise and spiritual routines that can make a positive difference to menopause symptoms, but also discusses the emotional tug of war in letting go at a time when it can feel like a rollercoaster ride. One of the best things about getting older is that we can ease off the perfect pedal a bit and balance becomes a kinder pursuit. For me balance has become enough restraint to be healthy and enough indulgence to be alive!

Turning 50 in 2015 has prompted me to write down what I’ve learnt and pull it together with other resources, products, news and views relevant to women approaching, or of, menopause age.