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Not just for winter – although how wonderful is a bowl of hot broth on a cold day – healing soups made with wholesome ingredients can be eaten all year round. Long before the ‘one bowl meal’ became trendy, soups have been a staple across cultures, with cultural differences and specialities, and a favourite in restaurants the world over as a hot or cold entree. Your grandmother knew about the healing properties of soups…. and her mother before her. Some of the recipes from back then haven’t changed that much.

They were always the answer to flu or any number of ailments; nourishing, gentle on the stomach, nutritious with plenty of vegetables, immunity boosting and, well, often the only thing you felt like when down and out with a head cold, or recovering from a tummy upset. Chicken soup of course is especially synonymous with healing from illness, not only relieving symptoms and providing the fortitude for recovery but also giving the soul a little pick me up (the impact of its comfort factor, and the knowledge that you are doing something good for yourself).

Then there’s the simple yet joyful indulgence of dipping fresh bread into your soup and ‘sponging’ it up. Sensational! Sometimes you can indulge further by using toasted rounds of bread with melted cheese on top (I love pesto and melted cheese toasts, served with broccoli or sweet potato soup).

Bone Broth
Touted as a superfood, bone broth (a broth made from roasted bones, simmered in water for 12-24 hours to release the nutrients and goodness) has made a huge come back. As with all come backs, the reason is to do with the food preparations that have been lost over time that were hugely beneficial to our ancestor’s good health. It’s the things we used to do that have been dropped from our diets and routines, mostly due to our ability to buy ready-made, and the convenience and time saving that goes with that.

But making broth is not difficult…. mostly it simmers away on the stove top… and if you are suffering from food intolerances and tummy troubles in mid-life, then it is something worth doing. Just glowing skin alone can make the small effort worthwhile. Spices such as ginger and turmeric can be added for additional benefits, as well as herbs, or add steamed green vegetables to your broth when ready to serve. Check out The Me in Menopause post on making bone broth (and why you would) here:

Liver Detox
If a liver detox is something you would like to focus on, since the liver cleans your blood and breaks down old or damaged blood cells, then there are liver cleansing soups to aid this process. Check out these 3 bowls of fabulousness at The Awesome Green (one of my all-time favourite food/health websites). A spice and seed mix for the top of your soups is another recipe that can be found here (and seeds and spices are an essential factor in good health). And, you’ll find some other wonderful one bowl meals in the Lunch category on this site too, all full of natural goodness for living light and energised:

Detox for Weight Loss
If weight loss is front of mind for you and a detox might be a great kick start to that, then simple soups can certainly provide a cleanse for your systems. Removing toxins  from your body will set you up for weight loss. A detox doesn’t have to be a boring chore that’s going to be hard to stick to, as Womanista proves with these delicious detox soups…. sufficient variety to keep you engaged for at least a week of ‘clean’ eating – reap the rewards:

Hint: choose low salt vegetable stocks, or make your own, to ensure you are not endangering your sodium-potassium ratio (although all the potassium-rich vegetables in the soups should take care of the balance for you).

Feeling inspired to make some delicious, nutritious healing and weight loss soups?

Great news… here’s a bunch more inspiration! Recipes just a click away.

15 of the best:

  1. Immunity Boosting Chicken Soup with all the good stuff – garlic, ginger, turmeric and coriander (see The Me in Menopause post on the benefits of coriander):
  2. Gut healing fish and saffron soup; a special combination
  3. Slow cooker sweet potato, chicken and quinoa – first come the wonderful aromas of this slow cooked soup, then the amazing flavours:
  4. Basic bone broth; full of gut healing gelatin and nutrients for health and longevity, mastering a bone broth recipe is a must for mid-life and beyond:
  5. Now turn your basic bone broth into this spicy, creamy carrot soup:
  6. For mushroom lovers, here’s a bowl of heavenly goodness…. and no cream guilt;
  7. A hearty vegetable soup with bacon and pasta (go for gluten free pasta)….. this is a satisfying meal in a bowl:
  8. Moroccan Lamb Soup; with lentils and spices it’s a perfect winter warmer:
  9. Pumpkin soup with a twist:
  10. Serve this pea and mint soup hot or cold:
  11. Greek yoghurt or sour cream make this broccoli soup creamy and satisfying (see The Me in Menopause post on the benefits of broccoli):
  12. Roasted garlic, parsnip and white bean soup – simple and nutritious:
  13. Who can resist a soup with sausage! And turkey is such a great protein…..
  14. An old fav – potato and ham chowder:
  15. Something delightfully different – Taiwanese beef noodle soup with bok choy:

Share your favourite comforting soup recipe with us here at The Me in Menopause, and let us know if it’s been in your families soup repertoire for many years. We love the tried and tested!

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