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Foods in the Bathroom

These days my bathroom is looking a little bit like my kitchen! There is a jar of coconut oil, a jar of baking soda, a jar of diatomaceous earth, a container of white sugar and some Chamomile tea! It feels very resourceful and kind of thrifty but this is not a ‘make do’ scenario… these are beauty secrets to be shared.

Coconut oil has an amazing ability to nourish and heal the skin. It does not turn rancid and cause free radical damage (like many of the polyunsaturated vegetable oil based moisturisers will). It aids fungal skin problems too and many people have reported that their acne has gone away with regular application of coconut oil. Even more major skin issues such as Eczema, Keratosis Polaris, Psoriasis and Rosacea have reportedly been controlled with topical coconut oil application daily. It is also used as a sunscreen, a deodorant and as a mouth wash for bad breath and dental problems, all with incredible results. Virgin Coconut Oil is recommended.

All I can say for certain is that it does a wonderful job on softening and smoothing the skin on the knees, elbows and heels. I’ve only just started using it on my face, so will let you know!

Doing a face scrub with baking soda is something I picked up from Rae Morris’s book, Timeless Makeup. Again, it’s an inexpensive but remarkable product that really works. Add half a teaspoon to your cleanser at night and exfoliate away. Rinse off thoroughly using a face cloth and warm water. Your skin will get warm and pink and shiny initially, then by the morning it will be incredibly soft. Using it more than every 3 or 4 weeks wouldn’t be recommended and try to avoid your lips as it makes them dry. Oh and don’t just stop at your face, use it pre-shower as an all over exfoliate, mixed with another product, then rinse off.

On the week in between my baking soda facial, I use diatomaceous earth as a scrub, mixed in with my cleanser. The little grainy particles do a great job of removing dead skin and waking up the face. I also dip my toothbrush with toothpaste on it into my diatomaceous jar, then clean my teeth with it a couple of times a week. It certainly feels like it does good and I can only assume that silica applied anywhere will be of benefit at our age!

White sugar also makes a great scrub (in fact now that you have no use for it in the kitchen, this is how to use it up!). I mix in a few drops of an essential oil (generally lavender) and use on my hands. Just rub your hands together and you will find that it really softens. Great to do before you manicure. You can use it this way on your feet too, or as an all over scrub treatment pre shower.

Chamomile tea is nothing short of a miracle worker. Puffiness or dark circles under the eyes – apply a cooled tea bag. It nourishes and moisturisers your skin from the inside if you drink it regularly and, used as an ingredient in a facial, it really works to remove dead skin cells and present the new skin beneath. There are great claims about retaining youthfulness…. seems too easy!

It will brighten blond hair and gradually lighten brown hair. It has muscle relaxing properties, hence its reputation as a calmer and soother after a hard day, as well as an aid to a restful nights sleep.

Give these foods (beauty products!) a go and let me know if you are witnessing improvements 🙂

And since you’re getting into the swing of applying foods to your body (hmmm), here’s some more inspiration (of the ‘can be shared’ variety, wink wink)…

  • Make a natural protein conditioning treatment for your hair – avocado and olive oil mashed together. Wash your hair first, then leave the treatment on under a shower cap while you do all your other shower chores, then rinse off.
  • Or a hair shine treatment – banana mashed with coconut milk. Do as per above.
  • For radiant skin, make this scrumptious face pack – papaya (pawpaw), honey and lemon.

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