By Lynda Wallas

Fantastic Jars for Smoothies & More

One of the coolest trends is to serve your smoothies and juices in something a little different to the standard glass. There are all manner of jars in various shapes, sizes and colours, based around the old preserving or Ball Mason jars. Some have lids for travelling, with a hole for your straw, while others have a handle…. nothing could be more convenient. Even straws have gotten cooler; I just bought glass ones and stainless steel ones, so nice to drink from. There’s even a teeny tiny little brush to wash them with.
Check out the range at The Raw Food Store (there are loads of fabulous things available at the store, lots of inspiration and cookbooks, straws and more for enticing grandchildren to find the ‘yum’ in healthy).

And beyond the smoothie trend, there are some beautiful glass jars with lids for storing whatever you desire in the kitchen. Stackable, twistable, easy to clean, they look really smart and get you organised. Breakfast looks great in a jar – layers of muesli, fruit and yoghurt. A salad also looks fabulous layered in a glass jar, as do many desserts, such as tapioca or chocolate mousse.

Beyond the kitchen too…. I’m using a jar for my makeup brushes in the bathroom, thanks to a great idea from Rae Morris’s book Timeless Makeup.

Here’s some inspiration!

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Lynda Wallas
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