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Chill Out & Meditation Music

My music tastes changed when I was unwell with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Music became part of the healing process. Once I learnt that simplifying, grounding and getting back to basics were part of the get-well journey, my music choices centred around chill out, meditation and some specific CDs for taking the body and mind deep into the moment and opening myself to a new and better me.

There are some fabulous chill out CDs – back ground music that, after a while, you realise is calming your body and making your mind drift off. I especially like the Japanese influences, with percussion, string and wind instruments; handheld bells and chimes, bamboo flutes. It’s soothing and healing.

If you struggle with meditating by yourself (the old wandering mind!) then a guided meditation is the way to go. All you have to do is listen and let everything else go. I wasn’t sure I believed that such a practise could be beneficial…. but it really is. Walking through the chakras, for example, seems to re-connect and unite the body and in doing so the mind clears and the spirit lifts. It releases tension and anxiety, bringing the breath down to a slow and calm level. I think the fact that you have taken the time for yourself to sit and do the meditation also makes you feel fabulous afterwards.

Here’s my list of favourites:


Chill Out

  • Buddha-bar by Ravin – a bar, restaurant and hotel franchise originally started in Paris but now in many locations, Buddha-bar compilation CDs bring together chill out, lounge and Zen music (fun, diverse and interesting background music)
  • Chill out Moods – an essential blend of chilled and blissful vibes (the first track is Fatboy Slim’s The Weekend Starts Here, always a favourite of mine for a Friday night!)
  • Café de Mar – originating from a bar in Ibiza, Café del Mar – meaning ‘Sea Café’ – has many volumes of chill out music (great for dinner parties)


Guided Meditation

  • Chakra Balancing: Body, Mind & Soul by Deepak Chopra (one CD is a guided meditation with Deepak in which he steps through the Chakras and the other CD is meditation music for you to do your own meditation – I love these!)
  • The Soul of Healing Meditations by Deepak Chopra (on the CD it says ‘a simple approach to growing younger’…. how beautiful!)
  • Eastern Meditation by Pravana – meditation music from Bali to Tibet (I love playing this while I’m cooking or cleaning, it’s so relaxing)
  • Bliss: a hundred thousand angles – songs inspired by the teachings and practice of Raja Yoga (this is really lovely, it’s full of wonderful words about love and light; uplifting and inspiring)
  • Om Spiritus – music for a peaceful planet (it’s all about Om and the most popular mantras from around the world)
  • Awakening Prologue: the Holosync Solution, developmental tools for self mastery (I haven’t listened to this since my CFS was really bad and I was trying everything and anything but I’m including it here because I cannot be sure which of the practises I did contributed to slowly getting well again. This is a program of listening to brain wave patterns over a number of weeks)



  • Synchronicity Collaborations by Steven Halpern and Master Charles – the neurotechnology of bliss, combining modern technology with the ancient art of meditation (I’m putting this one on its own because I think it is absolutely amazing. I play it every morning when I’m getting ready for work and often continue while I’m driving into work. It’s hard to describe what it does. Totally seeps into your mind to centre and relax (yet focus) and…. it sounds a little corny to say but the feelings you have are enlightened and free. I could not live without this, it’s just something that has resonated with me)



  • Making Change Easy (Centerpointe) – opens the unconscious mind to create a state of receptivity
  • Super Longevity (Centrepointe) – activating your ability to heal yourself and function optimally
  • Guided Meditations for Difficult Times: a lamp in the darkness by Jack Kornfield (I love this, it’s about finding a way through pain and suffering and learning how to skilfully navigate life’s storms. Jack’s story-telling and soothing voice alone works wonders but there are some lovely little stories and messages in here)


You won’t feel like music when you’re in the bed ridden phase of CFS or still sensitive to noise…. but once you are making progress and up and about each day, incorporating some of the above CDs can be really helpful. Don’t leave it too long, I think I did, because life is so much better once you play music again. Finding out just how healing this can be is a huge step forward. Take the music outside in the fresh air and sunshine if you can, connect with nature/look at the sky while doing your meditation, it puts things into perspective 🙂

Even if you have not been unwell, you might appreciate some laid back vibes or some calming meditation sounds in your mid-life. They really do seep in and make a positive difference on mood and outlook. There are so many CDs to choose from in the health, well-being, self-healing and self-improvement categories these days, you are sure to find something that inspires, energises or simply relaxes.

Lynda Wallas
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