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The nutritional value of coriander is something that not many people know about. It is often considered just a garnish, a decoration on a dish that often gets left on our plates, or we only associate it as a flavour component of Thai food. However, the benefits of eating coriander regularly are [...]
It’s been touted as the world’s healthiest food. Certainly, the benefits of broccoli in your weekly food intake are numerous. But what if I highlighted the benefits specific to menopause…. to menopause symptoms, and to the aging process that speeds up right about now…. as well as to disease [...]
Whether you have decided to limit or restrict it completely, going dairy-free has its pros and cons. For some of us it becomes an obvious choice because our bodies just decide to stop tolerating it in mid-life…. or perhaps we never noticed previously how much of an adverse effect it was having [...]
I remember as a child going to ‘the honey house’ with Mum (a house on the outskirts of Christchurch that sold honey from the garage) to buy a huge jar of fresh honey for on our toast in the mornings. The aroma, the creaminess, the golden colour…. little did we know that we had some pretty [...]
I love that sweet, woody scent of cinnamon sticks; for me it’s always been one of those special fragrances and flavours that I can’t get enough of… up there with vanilla bean, peppermint, licorice, basil and orange. Only since managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome however, did I research into the [...]
Life is short, just eat the dam muffin….. Yes it sounds wonderful, throwing caution to the wind and being defiant. For sure, if this is just an irregular occurrence then it’s not going to be the end of the world (unless you have celiac or some other gut/digestion issue and then it’s just a [...]