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These days my bathroom is looking a little bit like my kitchen! There is a jar of coconut oil, a jar of baking soda, a jar of diatomaceous earth, a container of white sugar and some Chamomile tea! It feels very resourceful and kind of thrifty but this is not a ‘make do’ scenario… these are [...]
It’s the old adage – healthy on the outside begins with healthy on the inside. Your skin needs nutrients to be blemish free and radiant. Why would you spend good money on cosmetics if you are not giving your skin what it needs from the inside? Here are the beauty food favourites to choose from [...]
I had acne like a teenager after fertility treatment, so severe that I have scarring around my mouth and chin. This went on for years and yet every doctor I went to said ‘there is no evidence to support that fertility treatment messes up your hormones’. Really! I beg to differ. Prior to [...]