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Who knows what I was googling and browsing when I discovered a link to something called Metabolic Aftershock. I’ve purchased one or two exercise programs online before but must admit I’ve never stuck to them or been inclined to keep up the exercise instead of, or over and above, the things I [...]
My music tastes changed when I was unwell with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Music became part of the healing process. Once I learnt that simplifying, grounding and getting back to basics were part of the get-well journey, my music choices centred around chill out, meditation and some specific CDs [...]
Making a mood board that brings together a bunch of images and words that convey the things you want to aspire to or achieve is a great visual that you can check in with every day. I did this in January and would recommend it to anyone who wants to focus on some goals and manifest some wants [...]
Along with starting the Metabolic Aftershock exercises, I also begun having the metabolic boosting/fat burning drink each morning. It’s easy to drink and no trouble to make. You can mix the ingredients into black coffee or tea. I have it with Bullet Proof Coffee or a dandelion tea (or a yummy [...]