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‘Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws of the Universe, and that’s the law of attraction. You become what you think about most.’ (John Assaraf)
There are times in your life when you lose the plot. You forget how wonderful you are and how amazing life is. This can be for a short time while faced with a specific challenge, suffering the winter blues, or losing your way with regards to career and purpose…. or it might be for a much [...]
This is a sequence for working on toning your arms using hand weights. It's reasonably gentle but targeted... so set yourself a goal (like getting those sleeveless summer dresses out from the back of the wardrobe) and get started on a regular routine. If you do this 3 times in 7 days then you [...]
Who knows what I was googling and browsing when I discovered a link to something called Metabolic Aftershock. I’ve purchased one or two exercise programs online before but must admit I’ve never stuck to them or been inclined to keep up the exercise instead of, or over and above, the things I [...]