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On one side of the debate is the reported fact that a glass of wine a day may lower the risk of heart disease, while the down side is that wine, beer and cocktails could increase a women’s risk for breast and colon cancer. So, is it a case of moderation…. or should we be considering cold turkey [...]
Middle age, I thought, would be a time to indulge in a bit more food freedom - to stop watching what and how much I ate, and how that played out on the scales. But instead, food intolerances came calling, and restriction and angst became the new norm.
It’s still a couple of months off here before the sun begins to make its presence felt and, rather than thinking about staying warm, we turn our attention to staying cool. I’ve found over the last couple of summer seasons that I’ve been a little anxious about the sun; trying to be sun smart [...]
I found an iPhone app called SkinVision that allows you to take photos and get analysis of your skin spots and moles. It’s an Australian initiative (not surprising considering Australia has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world) and the goal is to reduce the number of Australians [...]
I just experienced one of those three day episodes where I was hammered by hormones with such ferocity that they could only be labelled as evil. It comes out of nowhere. I don’t seem to be getting any better at picking up on the signs quickly enough. By the time I increased my Harmony and [...]
These days, with so much information at our finger tips, it can get to the point of overload and where you actually feel anxious about which information you should be incorporating into your life. At our age (and earlier if you are smart) there are a small handful of absolute must-dos for [...]