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I imagine that I started noticing the affects while I was still in the grips of CFS but at that time the plumpness of my skin was the least of my worries. I assumed that spending all that time in bed and being too weak to be applying skin products was taking its toll. All beauty routines went [...]
It takes a bit of work, and a bit of spiritual enlightenment, to get comfy with the unknown. It’s easy to take our health for granted and if there is no reason to consider what it might be like if your body suddenly stopped performing necessary processes, then why would you ever dwell on such a [...]
For a long while I didn’t realise it was menopause that was impacting my energy and moods. I had been managing the CFS successfully (when I say successfully I mean I was functioning at about 80% of the pre CFS me, working again 4 days a week as a Business Analyst, doing exercise of the [...]