By Lynda Wallas

My Best Friend the Blazer!

It’s very British isn’t it? Even casual, it’s with a stiff upper lip 😊
The beauty of the blazer for women is that it certainly isn’t restricted to the Navy, or the boardroom…. nor to being paired with a black pant.

Here’s the history – the familiar navy blazer traces its origins back to the captain of the frigate HMS Blazer, who had short double-breasted jackets cut in navy blue serge for his scruffy-looking crew when Queen Victoria visited his ship in 1837. The crew’s “blazers” with their shining brass Royal Navy buttons impressed the Queen, and soon became part of their dress uniform….. Well that explains a few things.

Whether you like the smart, tailored look (perfect lapels with the perfect chinch at the waist), or the preppy, sporty look (contrast trim and big pockets)…. whether traditional (and multi-tasking) black is your thing, or a soft pastel….. whether you wear them simply with tee shirts, or formally with striped shirts or tie-at-the-neck blouses…. whether you like plain, or check, or both…. whether you choose the classic length or the shorter, boxy style…. and whether they are already a staple piece in your wardrobe or you are only just succumbing to the joy of blazers….. you will already know that their versatility is unmatched (except by the jean of course…. which you should absolutely wear them with!)

I would have to say that blazers could easily be one of my addictions (up there with recipe books, Keanu Reeves, and lamb rack!)
I’ve always worn them for work, they are an easy option in the mornings, and so good for the in between seasons when you need that extra layer morning and home time. They facilitate an air of classy put-togetherness. They can even hide a multitude of sins! 😊
As my mum would say ‘that looks smart Lynd’…. (think Kiwi accent) and she’d be right. Such an easy way to do smart, sassy, classy…. sexy even.

There’s not really an occasion that wouldn’t be appropriate for a blazer of some description. And I think that’s part of the fun of it, going on the hunt for the right blazer to fit the purpose, then mixing it up with a couple of top choices for a totally different look. A necklace can turn the whole outfit on its head too.

The blazer is very age appropriate (not as aging as the twinset, nor as inappropriate as the crop top). With mounting years comes a wish to age gracefully… not to look older than your years but to look suitable, and beyond suitable…. to look stylish. To look like you are still having fun.

One of my favourite ways to ‘blazer’ is the soft, well-made tee shirt, jeans, a statement necklace, and a pair of oxfords (or brogues). It’s a feminine and masculine look all at once, and probably why I like it (the tomboy thing never fades completely). It’s casual but comfy, simple but smart. A great weekend go-to for going out, especially if you’re not sure where you might end up with regards to going on to dinner, or to visit friends.

In winter, the checked, hounds tooth, gone a little bit outback/bush look is awesome…. teamed with a pair of boots from RM Williams and a big belt that’s bordering on ‘country’, just heaven! I always feel the most me in this sort of outfit; nature-y, ready to step in muddy puddles, but just as ready for a quiet glass of wine sitting outside a country pub in the brisk air.

Other side of the coin to this is the black number. Vamped up perhaps with a hint of leather (or lace, or velvet even). The blazer that is evening’s old friend…. looks fabulous worn as dramatic black on black (with a black top or black pants, or both), then accessorised with a flash of colour…. a scarf, necklace, or quirky shoes. Looks equally as good over a dress, or with your ‘good’ jeans. And amazingly enough, you can even get a polo neck knit under it, for extra warmth in winter… there goes that old versatility!

The blazer has certainly come a long way from its military roots… you only have to browse the Nordstrom, Bloomingdales or David Jones websites to gauge the raft of designs and styles (and prices). Even the ‘young’ websites have their take on the blazer – whether the demure version or the roomy ‘boyfriend’ trend. And try as they might, more often than not they actually look quite smart too lol!

Have a look around to see if you can add a blazer to whatever season you are currently in. Check out your wardrobe for items to go with it…. and think outside the traditional blazer box. Once you know how you want to wear it, the primary purpose, and the look you want to achieve, make your choice – navy, black, pastel, striped, checked, preppy, dressy, vintage or mod….
And enjoy.

At The Me in Menopause, we would love to see photos of you in your favourite, tried and true blazer…. so send them in to

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