By Lynda Wallas

4 Fab Healthy Recipe Books

A new recipe book is great inspiration to kick start a healthy regime, or simply keep you motivated by introducing some new meals and snacks into your week that will make your body sing. Here are 4 of the best….

1. Recipes for Health Bliss by Susan Smith Jones
Available online at and check out

2. Luke and Scott Clean Living Cookbook
Available online at and check out the boys Facebook page at

3. Life’s Too Short for Diets by Nicole Joy
Check out Nicole’s fantastic recipes for every day at

4. Model Chocolate by Abigail O’Neill
Check out Abigail’s fabulous sweet treats and wonderful images at

I think all of these recipe books are easy to follow and, more importantly, they are realistic. They fit my catch phrase of ‘enough restraint to be healthy and enough indulgence to be alive!’

For guilt free chocolate treats, you will love Abigail’s Model Chocolate book. It also makes a fabulous gift, with beautiful images that are simply inspirational.

I loved the honesty in Nicole’s book… she tells how her life was off track and she was running around trying to be a certain way, thinking it would make her happy but in truth was making her miserable. This is so true. I discovered the joy of good food choices, combined with the simple life, when I was unwell and living in a rural setting.
Less really is more!

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