By Lynda Wallas

2 Ways with Avocado

Avocado is a super food and one of the good fats. It stabilisers blood sugar, improves eye sight, helps cure cancer and helps with weight loss. It’s also delicious! Here are a couple of easy weekend treats I often look forward to –

Even with a few corn chips, this is still a really healthy snack (especially if you get the chips from the health shop or health food section of the supermarket). Add some fresh, raw vegetable sticks to the chips for dipping and you have zero guilt!

Finely chop a small amount of onion, garlic, chilli and red pepper.
Mash an avocado or two with a fork until smooth. Add to the chopped ingredients and combine.
Add a small dollop of sour cream and stir in. Refrigerate.
Slice up some vegetable sticks for dipping; celery, cucumber, yellow pepper, courgette.
Turn on the rugby (ok, that’s me and it might not be your thing!), arrange with some corn chips on a platter, sit back and enjoy.

Avocado and Smoked Salmon Bombs
I love these as a light lunch or snack in the summer, or as an entrée for an outdoor gathering.

Finely chop avocado (you’ll probably need 2 or 3), smoked salmon and chives.
Mix together, adding a squeeze of lemon juice.
Push into small ramekin dishes, smooth the top, cover with cling film and refrigerate.
After a few hours, run a knife around the edge of the dish and drop out onto a plate (smooth the edges of the bomb again if need be).
Arrange some green leaves on the plate, add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Serve with lemon or lime wedges and crusty bread. Yum!


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  • Andrey

    One way to do this is to stuff half an avocado with eggs, as in this recipe. You can also top the avocado with crumbled, cooked bacon and season it with fresh herbs and spices like parsley, cayenne pepper, salt and regular pepper.