By Lynda Wallas

10 Beauty Basics to Buy Now

There are certain beauty basic items that become more essential at mid-life. If you haven’t got them yet, or haven’t found a good brand that you trust, then now is the time to shop around, experiment and add them to your bag of tricks.

  1. A good fake tan and mitt for applying – I’ve just found a great product called Vita Liberata Luxury Tan, it goes on easy, doesn’t make a mess, is really natural and seems to last quite well. I also like Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs as it’s great coverage and is like makeup for your legs… really evens out the skin tone. It’s a fab product for a special occasion. Now that our tanning days are gone, it’s important to find a product you trust so that you can have a lovely, natural colour throughout summer. Take the time before the sun is out to experiment.
  2. An anti-aging moisturiser (a heavy duty one for using all over twice a week) – I love Aquathera Glucosamine Body Cream as it provides intense hydration and wrinkle smoothing all in one. It’s not ‘cosmetic gimmicky’ either, it’s the real deal with real ingredients. You can buy it online and at good pharmacies (I found it at the compounding pharmacy where I get my CFS prescriptions made up). Lather it on straight out of the shower twice a week and let it soak in.
  3. A dry shampoo – these are great if you need to use heat on your hair because you can get another day or two out of your hair in between washes, which gives the hair a break from the irons or dryer. Plus sometimes styling your hair works best when it’s not freshly washed. Also great for travelling.
  4. A re-growth touch up colour for your hair – there are lots to choose from all of a sudden; like dry shampoo, they have really taken off. I just bought one recently and my tip would be not to spray it directly on, even though it says to. Instead spray on to a cotton makeup wipe/pad and dab onto the hair up the part line, as this gives a much more natural look and prevents it being sprayed where you don’t want it (including on your clothes or all over the bathroom).
  5. An eyelash curler – the eyes become the focal point for our makeup as we get older, so make the most of your eyes by having great lashes. Go to a department store and browse the eye makeup… maybe get a consultation with a brand that suits more mature skin, so you can learn some new tricks for the eyes. Determine if you prefer a manual curler or a heated one.
  6. A primer – these are essential for evening out the skin tone and helping to ‘stick’ your makeup.
  7. A serum – these make such a difference when you add them to your face routine. Light but enriched with vitamins and nutrients, they are like an elixir to target specific skin problems. Most are water based too, so not oily.
  8. Organic Rosehip Oil – it’s a superfood for your maturing skin, helping to repair damage and maintain hydration and plumpness. I like to add a few drops into my Glucosamine Cream and lather it on all over twice a week. It’s really great for your nails and cuticles too (as is coconut oil).
  9. Great makeup brushes – these can make such a difference to the application of products and the overall success of your makeup. Using the right brush for the right purpose, just like a pro, is going to make a huge difference to your confidence and to your finished look. Take the time to have a session with a makeup professional to learn how to perfect your brush technique. Find out about contouring and experiment a little.
  10. Lip plumper – if like me you’re not blessed with fabulous pouty lips, then a plumper is great for making a visual difference. I’ve been using one from Avon for years called Beyond Plumping Lip Conditioner. It seems to just fill in and fill out, ready for lipstick.

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